Inreco LAN development team has finished the work over the basis version of TeamAlerts

TeamAlerts is an Alerts Manager for Microsoft® Team System®. It is an easy-to-use and powerful corporate application for managing notifications about events, generated by Team Foundation Server on Team Foundation Work Items changes. The new service greatly simplifies and speeds up working with subscriptions for work items. TeamAlerts is used by system administrators as well as by team members, including project managers, analysts, developers and testers.

Advantages of TeamAlerts as compared to the standard meansfeatures of VSTS:

  • Two types of subscriptions: project subscriptions (available only for TFS administrators) and personal (“my”) subscriptions (available for all TFS users).
  • Reducing the number of subscriptions; by setting subscriptions to send alerts not to fixed e-mail addresses but to dynamically detected (in runtime) ones.
  • Custom e-mail notification templates can be set up.
  • Simplifying the process of setting notifications (service itself dynamically determines the correct mailing address by the specified field).
  • The ability of project and personal subscriptions.

While creating TeamAlerts, the software developers were thinking about user convenience in managing subscriptions for users. Developers tried to take into account basic wishes from specialists working with TFS. The application adds the functionality to VSTS it still misses, thus making team software development more convenient and synchronized. As a result, a web application to TFS TeamAlerts is a valuable combination of functionality and simplicity at the same time.
TeamAlerts web-site allows to download full-functional copy of the application which can be used free of charge for 30 days.


Inreco LAN is 19 years old!!!

Inreco LAN was nineteen at July 13, 2008.

There were a lot of successful projects fulfilled during these years. New business activities were started.

Inreco LAN follow it’s goal to meet customers’ needs and expectations for quality software.
Inreco LAN staff increased up to 60+ engineers. All the Inreco LAN employees have advanced graduate and post-graduate degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming and Graphics Design.

At Inreco LAN, one of our main competitive advantages is the strength of our team. Talented, well educated and enthusiastic personnel allows the company to provide top-notch software.

Traditionally, the Birthday was celebrated in the country. The first tournament of beachfront volleyball amoung Inreco LAN employees took place during celebration. The winner was awarded by cup of Inreco LAN.


Inreco LAN has become the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner!

Inreco LAN has fully met the requirements of the Microsoft Partner Program and became the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

A Microsoft partner company is awarded the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner if it meets of several qualifying requirements, including the successful implementation of the projects, client reviews, certified personnel, etc.

This status proves the highest level of competence and expertise in using Microsoft technologies to provide clients with perfect custom-developed solutions.

Inreco LAN as Microsoft partner obtains the following competencies:

  • Custom Development Solutions: Smart Client Development;

  • ISV/Software Solutions;

  • Mobility Solutions;

  • SOA and Business Process.

Having these competencies and being the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Inreco LAN proves its experience and skills to develop software of highest quality, strictly on time and on budget.


Staffery 2006 was nominated for a 2008 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Award

Staffery 2006 a corporate web-based application designed by software development company Inreco LAN to help managing the employees CVs (Curriculum Vitaes) was nominated for a 2008 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) Award. According to Geoff Saunders, Program Manager of the 2008 Worldwide Partner Conference Awards, Staffery 2006 «was highly regarded by our judges».

Staffery can be used in any industry or business area. To do this, you just need to populate Staffery’s database with specific information about skills, experience, education, projects, etc. related to your specific industry or business. The installation kit of Staffery already contains the module for an IT company, so, if you are in IT business, you can use the system instantly.

You can change add, modify or delete items in degree, responsibility and skills set according to your needs.

source: Inreco LAN company news

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